The Spark • ISBN:  978-1-935385-01-1

Fifteen years ago, a phenomenon called “The Spark” created four superhumans who sacrificed themselves to stop a world-wide cataclysm. Now, The Spark has happened again, creating a new generation of heroes. As three heroes emerge to accept their responsibility as protectors of humanity, everyone wonders, where’s the fourth? Lucas would save the world, but he has other problems — school, his supermarket job to help his mom with the bills and a little sister who’s more than a handful. But when an alien horde arrives to enslave the planet, does Lucas leave his family to save the earth? What’s a hero to do?


“Take two parts old-school Matt Wagner, add in one part Manga, along with a slice of Cool, and what you've got is The Spark, an incredibly hip new take on superheroes from Studio 407.”
-Mat Nastos, Nifty Comics and creator of Cadre

“…beautifully realistic…the work of highly skilled storytellers. This is good commix. Damned good.”